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Enrich Your Company With a Small Business Loan

Having access to flexible financing is critical for small businesses. If your  company has been around for 3 years, it needs funding so it can obtain commercial real estate for your store, business acquisition, equipment, purchase inventory or consolidate debt as needed. Securing a small business loan with Venus Capital is an excellent way to sustain your company and set yourself up for success. Atleast 2 years of management experience in same field and credit>680-700+

What Are the Uses of SBA Loans?

The funding you receive with an SBA loan from Venus Capital can be used in any way to enrich your business. You are free to purchase or renovate any type of property. You can also use the money to refinance if necessary. You can use it to purchase or refinance commercial real estate or acquire a new business.

Use SBA Loans for :

  • Facility renovation or new construction on acquired land
  • Business acquisition with real estate – income producing cash flow-Fedex Routes, Convenient stores, retail, offices etc.
  • Buying out a partner or competitor – Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, CPAs & others
  • 350,000 in 10 days
  • Lock in low rates for upto 10-20 years

If you wish to purchase equipment with the funding, you are free to obtain any type of machinery, including those listed below.

  • Diagnostic tools
  • Printing and binding machinery
  • Computers and Software
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Laundry equipment

What Are the Terms for Small Business Loans?

Most fast growing companies can benefit from small business loans. These loans have no ballooning or pre-payment penalties and LOW rates locked in for 10+ years. Small businesses can receive loan amounts from $300,000 up to $5 million. Existing companies looking to expand or restructure qualify for 80% financing and 15-year terms. 10% liquidity injection. Few new companies can be considered if good industry experience and high cash flow, liquidity

Get Started Today

A small business loan is a flexible avenue of financing that allows you to grow your company in many ways. Whether your company is new or existing, this type of funding can help it obtain equipment or property as needed. If you think an SBA loan is right for your business, contact Venus Capital today. We are happy to discuss your financial options and help you decide if this is the right solution for you. In many cases, we can have you pre-qualified in as little as 48 hours so get started today. Need 3 years personal taxes, personal financial statement, management resume and YTD financial info. For acquisitions – seller tax returns, LOI/ Purchase Agreement, summary of business. For real estate- Rent roll and projections and rehab costs

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