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What are Fix and Flip Loans

A fix and flip loan is an investment for people who want to work on a home in order to sell it later. The key factors that private lenders look at when deciding what kind of deal they will offer are the property’s location, condition, size, how much you’ll need as collateral against default and risk assessment based on your other assets like savings accounts or retirement funds. Let’s take a few minutes and talk about why we’re the best option for fix and flip loans in Georgia.

Venus Capital offers loans with low rates that cover renovation costs so borrowers can invest their money elsewhere while still getting cash quickly from Venus Capital’s no-money down financing options! They also have great customer service which means borrowing customers get help without having to make multiple phone calls – not only does this save time but it saves stress too!


The Best Lenders For Fix N Flip Loans in Georgia Are Private

fix and flip loans georgiaBanks are problematic from the get-go, so many investors opt for private lending instead. Private lenders may be a better option to go with in most cases and they have their own benefits such as flexibility when it comes to approval rates since not everyone is perfect with their credit score or repayment capabilities which work well for certain people. They must follow the same state regulations but also federal regulation just like banks; however, unlike them they can customize agreements on loans that suit different applicants based on what type of borrower works best according to individual circumstances.

Private lenders can customize repayment terms to allow for a wider range of people, which opens them up as an option not just for those who have perfect credit scores and high incomes. They offer lending options that are more affordable than banks by adjusting the monthly or bi-weekly repayments so it is easier on your wallet; this also means they’ll take investors from a much larger applicant pool with similarly great rates of approval despite their imperfections in other areas like debt ratio.

Why Us ?

When you consider the human aspect, private lenders can be a much better option than banks for fix and flip loans. Financial histories are often black-and-white pictures of someone’s financial status but everyone has their own story. Sometimes your past may not have been due to poor money management or lack of income — it could’ve just come from outside influences like divorce, loss of job, medical debt or student loans.

Private lenders will actually take the time to hear you out and evaluate your financial situation on a more individual level since they don’t solely rely on software and denial programs like banks. They are eager to make loans work for their clients, so they are much more flexible.


Venus Capital Make It Easy For Flipping Loans In Georgia

When Venus Capital loans money, they make sure to have fast turnarounds. They will release hard-earned funds after a signed loan agreement is in place without any hassle. This means that you can take advantage of valuable opportunities before the property goes up on sale for much more than its initial price tag!

When it comes time to fund your next real estate project with an incredible investment opportunity not found anywhere else, then get ready because we’ve got what you need at Venus Capital!

fix and flip loans atlanta georgiaWith a top-notch customer service team, we’ll make sure that you never have to worry about anything. From the moment your application process begins until it’s time for repayment, our trained representatives are available all hours of the day with helpful answers and personalized solutions tailored just for you.

Fastest Investment Loans – from Venus Capital

Venus Capital has revolutionized the loan process with their intuitive and creative application system, ensuring that even novices are able to understand what stage they’re in. The company is careful not to inundate applicants with paperwork so as not to cause them frustration when applying for a loan from any other lender. With this innovative approach Venus Capital offers smooth service which cannot be matched by competitors because of its industry-leading customer support systems.

The modern world may seem complicated at times but thanks to companies like Venus Capital you won’t have think about anything except getting your life back on track again! They know exactly how much time it takes just filling out an application so you can focus on feeling confident knowing Venus will take care of things for you.

Venus Capital has helped countless people with their credit woes, and will work to ensure you get the funds that you need. They are a company that values your time more than anything else so they’ll talk about how much funding is available for each project before committing themselves to any sort of agreement. Even if you have poor or nonexistent credit scores, Venus Capital can still help find a way around it as long as there’s some other qualification – which we’re sure isn’t an issue!

Venus Capital has the funds to help you purchase a residential property with as high of a loan amount as 30 million dollars. They also offer hard money loans so that they will work with your finances no matter what size investment is needed for one’s real estate needs and wants.


Why Go Private When Choosing Georgia Fix And Flip Loans?

Here in the United States, many people find it hard to get a loan for residential real estate investments. Banks are notorious in their inflexibility with regard to loans and they typically only offer high interest rates which may not be well suited for some investors. The main reason that banks have such strict requirements is because there are so many regulations placed on them by agencies like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac who govern what types of properties can qualify as collateral. Investment opportunities must also adhere to certain rules regarding mortgages and insurance policies – all based around risk factors when lending out money from the bank itself rather than being governed solely by one person’s preferences themselves!

fix and flip loans augusta georgiaBanks are in the business of lending money. They have strict federal and state regulations that dictate how much they can lend, what types of properties you qualify for financing on, or whether your credit is even worth their time. This means there’s never a question about who has final say when it comes to qualifying loans or getting other types of financing options!

Applicants must also follow a very restrictive approval program controlled exclusively via software that does not account for personal circumstances. The approval program offers very little leeway in the application process, and it is quite rigid in that you either meet the requirements or you don’t. All of these rules are set out beforehand, so there can be no special treatment or bending of the rules even if you believe you should qualify and are a good risk for the bank.

Banks are not the best place to go for loans because they focus on things like financial histories and credit scores, which self-employed people often struggle with.

Banks have stringent criteria that don’t fit all situations, and if you’re looking for a loan for a fix and flip project with less-than-ideal credit, you’ll have a tough time with these traditional lending methods. That’s why you need Venus Capital.


Why Flip Real Estate In Georgia

Georgia succumbed to the recession the same as every other state, but since then it has been steadily developing a thriving economy with a reliable year-over-year population growth that develops demand for new homes. Opportunities for fix and flip investors is high in Georgia since the pandemic as well, with foreclosure rates increasing, it’s giving flippers an excellent pool to choose from, all at below market value. It is currently one of the hottest flip markets nationwide with more than 3000 flips in the last 12 months.

If you’re looking to get into the game of fix and flip in Georgia, the best places to get started include Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus and Savannah. Atlanta is the largest city in the state and thus has the highest potential of finding a below-market value property that you can get into. Augusta and Columbus are also good markets but have smaller populations so there will be smaller choices on the market.



How do you get a fix n flip loan in Georgia?

Ideally, applicants should have documentation of self-employment (LLC) or can get it done soon and ideally have done few flips or purchases in last three years. Liquidity for 10-15% down payment and 10% of rehab budget ready on hand. You can use a private loan from Venus for a variety of applications with real estate and house flipping:

  • Purchase/ Rehab
  • Buy to Rent
  • Buy and Hold 30 yrs (no rehab)
  • Portfolio Rental Loans (500k to 20mn)
  • Cash out refinance get 80%
  • Bridge Loans with rehab

Other areas Venus serves with fix ‘n flip lending is Charlotte, Ohio, Maryland and more. You can check out our flipping calculator here to see more info or you can apply here for fix and flip loans.


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