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Retail LOC

Venus Capital has Financing Solutions that help your retail business succeed!

Min. 1 year in business, 570 credit (Experian) and Retail Store. Min Loan 30k, min monthly sales 30k

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Nation's Premier Commercial Lender - Term Loan, Line of Credit, Working Capital. 

Take your business expansion plans to a new level.

Fastest Retail Funding 

Unsecured Line Of Credit, Working Capital, Term Loans - Retail Stores Only

Line of Credit/ Working Capital- Retail

From $30,000 - $200,000

FICO 571+(Experian), Minimum 1 year in business

Min. Monthly Sales of $30,000+

Same Day Approvals!

Funding in 48hrs, no tax records!

Good Rates and Terms

Calling Medical/ Practice - Doctor/Dentist/Home healthcare,

Diagnostics/ Imaging, Independent Pharmacy 

Liquor Stores, Pet Shops, Pizza store, Casual food with drive thru, Sub shops/Coffee. 

Hardware/UPS Stores, Business Cleaning Services, Distributors, Bike shop,

Online B2B business, Auto Repair & more

Avg. monthly balance 30k

No more than 1 other MCA,50% of sales, No Liens, NSF<3, 

No Home based business/Sole Prop, No Bankruptcies 

Why is Venus Capital, better than any Bank

Why we are better than your local bank 

For Retail stores / Medical practice- Line of Credit upto $400k

Pay off 1 MCA at lower rates

Rates from 6-9% - 6 to 12 month terms

Draw more lines as you grow

Fastest Funding

Most Loans are approved in 24 hrs

Funding in 3day 

All Digital and secure, Fast



Low Documents - Always

Lighting Fast in Approvals

Open 24x7

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