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Rental Portfolio Loans Ohio

Most real estate investors consider that growing a portfolio for single-family rentals is the best way to scale their business. Acquiring a group of rental homes allows investors to earn passive income while still gaining equity in the investment.

However, most investors who do this come to a point where rental portfolio loans are deemed necessary to continue building assets. They either would want to increase the equity in their homes to buy more, or they would want to go beyond what they can purchase with cash. Because of this, they need to search for the best rental portfolio loans for their situation.


Ohio Rental Portfolio Loans – What Are They?

Rental portfolio lending enables Ohio investors to put up all of their rental assets in a single loan. This comes with one monthly payment and a point of contract. They are especially suitable if you’re struggling with one of the biggest obstacles to buying Ohio real estate, which is getting a mortgage loan.

A portfolio loan is a mortgage loan originated and held in a bank’s portfolio (or private lender’s portfolio) over a long period of time. Since these loans don’t have the most stringent requirements of either FHA or VA loans, this enables borrowers to get approved more easily by traditional banks or private financing options like Venus Capital.


How do rental portfolio loans work?

There’s several ways to acquire a rental portfolio loan in Ohio. There’s traditional banks (both large and local), and there’s private financing options from lenders like Venus Capital here in Ohio.

Banks traditionally underwrite or create loans according to a government’s outlined standards. Because of this, they usually require loans to meet the minimum requirements of credit score, down-payment amount, debt to income ratio or loan limit, among many other criteria.

rental portfolio loans in ohio

These criteria are then followed so they can sell the loans on a secondary mortgage market, usually to government sponsored entities, in order to recapitalize their money to procure more loans.

If a mortgage lender, for instance, creates a loan that does not meet said criteria, they won’t be able to sell it on the secondary market. They instead have to hold the loan on their own bank’s balance sheet for a long period of time, eventually earning the title of portfolio plan.

Advantages of Private Lending

Rental portfolio financing is typically used because they often have less stricter approval criteria in exchange for higher loan interest rates, origination fees, and even prepayment penalties. Lenders receive a higher rate of return, making it favorable to hold the loan for a long term. They also underwrite a rental loan to achieve the criteria they choose, simply because they assume 100 percent of the risk in the loan.

This is typically a process that most (if not all) private lenders will do too. Underwriting portfolio loans happens in all aspects.

Additionally, other benefits of rental portfolio loans is the fact that the size of the loan doesn’t have to meet conforming loan limits. Aside from this, the lender can set down any payment requirement – at times, even favorably for the borrower. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) may also not be required from banks, even if you’re making a small down payment. It is rarely included in private financing with Venus Capital.

Another common use for these types of portfolio loans is leveraging them to clear debt so you can have more working capital. Often, real estate properties require capital investments on the rehab projects and clearing some debt can allow more cash flow for generating the capital needed.


Where can you loans from a lender like this?

You can usually get rental portfolio loans from local banks or private lending. They are part of the portfolio lenders in Ohio that lend their own money and often do not sell loans. A portfolio lender can be of great help because they typically are more willing to help with  financing options for a real estate investor. And often, they tend to require fewer than that of large national banks, which makes it all the more convenient and easier for investors to get loans. On the other hand, big banks may not finance Ohio real estate investors if they own more than four mortgages. Local banks, however, might.


Rental Portfolio Requirements in Ohio

A rental portfolio loan can most especially be suitable for those who are self-employed, have tarnished credit history, foreclosure or other issues, those who earn a high income but low credit score, and those who have a poor debt-to-income ratio or need a loan above $400,000 for a one-unit investment property.

Portfolio loans, however, are rare. The lender usually has full liability if the borrower defaults since rental portfolio loans come with no sale. Because of this, the loans are bestowed to the lender’s nest customers — those who are more probable to generate a lot of future business.

Therefore, despite the presence of portfolio lenders, they also have to be careful that the loans meets their own requirements, such as that the borrower can repay the debt, and that it does not merit excessive risk.

Here’s some of the requirements for Venus Capital when looking at Ohio rental portfolio loans:

  • 3-10 Rental Properties, Min 60k per door. With Rent Roll
  • Single- Family, Townhomes, Apartment properties
  • Stabilized (leased) portfolio with rent roll and DSCR 1.2
  • $600k to $50mn+
  • Up to 75% of value
  • 5 or 10 year fixed with 30 year amortization
  • Purchase or Refinance
  • Non-recourse options available
  • Foreign nationals eligible with Perm Residency
  • Serving Columbus, Cincinnati , Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia on priority, besides 40 other states nationwide (except CA, Dakotas)


How do you get a rental portfolio loan in Ohio?

Since these loans aren’t generally advertised, they’re only a perk that aids lenders to get more business or reward good customers. One of the best ways is to get in touch with a high quality lender like Venus Capital. We have extremely fast turnaround times and excellent customer service. Our loan officers can provide money in as little as 10 days with all necessary steps completed. When you need fast cash and great rates for your portfolio loan, call Venus.

Or you can also take the long road to increase your chances by using your local bank for all savings, checking, business and retirement accounts. You can also get to know branch officers, local loan managers and even develop a potential relationship. In any case that you might need an extra hand in terms of financing. If you stick around long enough, the local bank might build trust in you to help you with these unique loans. The downside is it could take years to acquire that level of trust.


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