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Top 5 Things To Do In Charlotte, North Carolina


We are happy to serve the awesome state of North Carolina. It’s a wonderful state and one great city in the this state is Charlotte. It’s a growing city that’s expanding with residential and commercial applications. For the fun side of the city, here’s the top 5 things that most people love about the city of Charlotte.


charlotte north carolina

US National White Water Center


US national white water center is a water facility that lies Northwest of down town Charlotte, along river Catwaba. The size of this water center will amaze you because it is 1300 acres big. Among the things you should do while in charlotte, NC, is visiting this largest artificial white water center. There are numerous fun activities offered, for example, white water rafting, paddle boarding, and kayaks, including flat water and white water.

People travel from across the world to the white water center for its popular rafting tours. The good thing also is the center accommodates people who do not want water splashing all over them. There are plenty of land activities, for example, zip-lining, climbing rocks, mountain bike riding. The run trails have obstacles on them for people who like to compete. It is good for your family and friends. You can go have fun and make some good memories with them. Their gates are always open. You just have to go on their website and check different times that activities happen.


The Discovery Place


It is a museum found in charlotte. Reviews about this place say it is a very kid-friendly museum and a nice place to have fun with friends. The museum has well-displayed exhibits that cover all scientific concepts from earth science to physics. Conducting and designing lab experiments here is allowed, and you are given an opportunity to learn about various eco systems in the museum’s rainforest as well as marine. There are many fun things to do in this place. The largest IMAX screen in the museum is always on, featuring an educational film that is ever-changing.

Kids are at an advantage because the museum considered them. In the kids’ section, they can conduct experiments. The area has soft building blocks, a sound wall, and a water table for babies to enjoy and play. Travelers have recently given so much praise to this museum.


Mint Museum Uptown


Charlotte, over the years, has been home for art. Mint museum is among many that represent the exploding art scene. The museum art features both Americans and Europeans and is located uptown. It is the second-largest, following Randolph. Art at the mint museum is contemporary. They have a traveler-approved collection for textiles and costumes. You can also go through a craft plus design collection, jewelry, furniture, and clay arts. These designs will blow off your mind. Museums are a good place to learn, relax, and bond with loved ones. Remember to set a good amount of time for you to explore the whole museum.


7th Street Public Market


You cannot really say you had fun in Charlotte, NC, if you did not visit the 7th street public market. The market provides you with a chance to taste Charlotte’s homegrown products. It is located west of city center about half a mile away. The indoor place offers plenty of selection from their local products for example sweets, different kinds of wine and flowers.

There is a vendor in this market that sells the best pizza around. Pure Pizza is known for using only the best ingredients. While at the market place, try it and feel how tasty it is. Another vendor known as ‘Not just coffee’ brews fresh coffee that will send you wanting more. I would recommend 7th street public market for breakfast. The Yolk has the best sandwiches and provides tables where you can eat while enjoying the view of buying and selling.


Billy Graham Library


The library is named after Billy Graham. It is located a few miles from where he was brought up. Billy Graham’s library covers twenty acres of land and is only ten minutes away from uptown. At the site, you get to explore all of Graham’s home that has been restored with 80% of the original material. For anyone familiar with Graham’s work, you know this place is necessary to see. Visitors have described the place as moving and peaceful. While at this library, make sure to explore the garden and Billy’s personal memorabilia. The good thing is accessing the library is free, no admission fee, and is an excellent opportunity to learn and have fun.


Wrapping up


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